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Multipurpose Box

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Multipurpose Boxes

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Merry Chirtmas Promotion

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Chinese New Year Promotion L Shape

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Chinese New Year Promotion I Shape

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Wallpaper 10ft x 14ft

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Christmas Promotion : Kitchen Cabinets

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Christmas Promotion : Kitchen Cabinet

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About Us

SKYWIN Kitchen Cabinet Sdn Bhd

With a remarkable 8 years of experience in construction renovation, SKYWIN Kitchen Cabinet Sdn Bhd is committed to provide a standard on excellent  in every aspect of our business operations. From local institutes to home living, we are your professional kitchen cabinet renovation service provider. Over the years of our expertise, we have conducted several major and successful renovation projects for institutions such as University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM), University Malaya (UM), Ibu Pejabat Kastam and MARA (KL).  Apart from this, we have also led internal renovations for celebrities’ home around Bangi, Kajang and the nearby areas.

Your Satisfaction, Our Priority.

We Specialize In:
• Kitchen Cabinets
• Built-In Wardrobe
• Tv Cabinets Design
• Interior Design
• Custom Made Cabinets

Experience is Gold

The expertise we have built over the years has enable us to gain the trust to complete few renovation projects for institutions like Universiti Malaya (PJ), UKM (Bangi), MARA (KL) and Ibu Pejabat Kastam (Putra Jaya). We have also been trusted to do internal renovations such as kitchen cabinets, etc. from dignitaries living around Kajang, Bangi and the surrounding areas.
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